Here is the page for our wonderful over-the-internet Dungeons and Dragons game! To post a Character, or view anyone else’s character, simply move over to the Character tab and not be silly. I hope to keep track of the campaign here with you all posting character journals in the Forums, to gain things like bonus points and for your own sanity as well lol.

Bonus points will be given to the person who writes up a detailed Adventure Log for each session that we do! Only one person and one log per session, so if multiple people want to do it, you might all want to share and trade responsibility.

Any and all information or questions you have, you should first look at the Wiki page to see if I’ve answered it there, such as what the hell bonus points are and what you can do with them. Thanks for working with me, this is a living campaign site so please check for changes! You should get emails when I change things, and whenever you change something, please make sure to only make me aware via email (just before you save the info, there’ll be an option on who to alert) and not you fellow mates, unless you wanna be that asshole who fills everyone’s mail boxes with annoying emails.

Power Struggle

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