Bonus Points

How to Acquire

You can get bonus points for doing the stuff listed below for character creation. Please find a spot on your character sheet in the player secret section to keep tabs on how many you have, how you got each point, and then where you spent them.

Other than at CC, you can get points each session, 1 point for doing a forum post that is your character’s “journal entry”, or their thoughts about the session. This should be decently sized, not just a paragraph or two, but because it’s just their thoughts it also shouldn’t take you very long, something with thought put into it, but not an essay per se.

*Every session the players will vote on one person that they think deserve a bonus point, whoever gets the most votes gets the point.

*I may also assign a point each session, depending on a few things that you don’t get to know.

*You may also get a bonus point for being the person to do the Adventure Log.

Bonus Points at Character Creation

reward requirement

1 Point: Create or find a Portrait for their character and post to Obsidian Portal.

2 Points: Create and post their character stats to Obsidian Portal.

4 Points: Create a minimum 1 page, character background…preferably longer.

So, what are these bonus points good for?

Temporary bonuses

Cost Effect

1 +1d6 on any non-damage die roll.

1 10ft of additional movement until end of the encounter.

2 Negate a critical threat against you must be done before the confirmation roll.

2 Reroll any single skill/combat roll (d20 attack, d8 damage, etc.)

3 Survive a killing blow, if you would die from an attack you may receive the immediate benefits of a revivify.

Permanent Bonuses

Cost ¦ Effect

1 1 bonus language (max one per level.)

1 1 bonus additional skill point (max. two per level)

3 Maximum on your HP roll on level up

3 +1 permanent bonus to a saving throw (only once per saving throw per character)

5 +1 permanent ability increase (only once per character per ability)

5 first bonus feat (only once per character.)

10 second through fourth bonus feats (limited to a max of four and only one may be purchased a level.)

X : interesting in game effects, this might be things to do with your character or subtle alterations to the universe; depending on what you want will depend on the price also how much you spend will determine how much of an effect we’re talking about. EG: “Evil guy’s plan to destroy the city is hampered” is your request. If you spend 2 points he might misplace the key he needs and be set back a day. If you spend 10, the key might have been stolen by one of his enemies and replaced by a trapped version. You could also ask for other boons (a pet dog, a magic item, etc.)

Bonus Points

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